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Richard J. Taylor The Coracle Craftsman
Coracles, Coppice Crafts, Traditional Coracles,
Wattle Hurdles, Bushcraft, & Wilderness Survival.

Richard J. Taylor The Coracle Craftsman

Welcome to Coracle Craftsman, the traditional coracle making and woodcraft website of outdoorsman and writer Richard J. Taylor. Now provided for purely information purposes, I hope my activities inspire those interested in traditional cleft wood fishing coracles, hazel and cowhide coracle building and all aspects of wilderness survival and ‘bushcraft’. Due to the widespread ‘cheapening’ of coracle making elsewhere in an already niche and specialised market I am no longer commercially involved in coracle making or any other woodland craft and instead earn a far better living as a railwayman.

Today, I remain just as passionate about traditional coracles, woodcraft and wilderness skills as I ever have been. Besides maintaining a personal interest in coracles and coracle fishing I also write columns and features about rural crafts, survival skills, and natural history in a number of national magazines. Information concerning other genuinely traditional craftspeople may be found within the text and links on this website. I strongly believe they should be supported. Any ‘sales’ related pages of my own are now merely historical. External advertising broadly relating to the subject matter however is on here only to raise income to run the website, it is not an endorsement by me of products provided by third parties.

This website therefore now provides an insight into the life and activities, both past and present, of a dedicated working class outdoorsman with limited free time and a relatively modest income. I therefore write about and hone my wilderness skills from within the constraints placed upon any working person like me, rather than as any kind of celebrity, typically enjoying considerable corporate support.

I remain happily married to my lovely wife Angie and have two children, James and Emma. Away from rural crafts, nature and the wilderness my other interests include cycling, swimming, classic rock music and real ales.

Thank you for visiting this website.

Richard J. Taylor January 2013.

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